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December 9, 2019

Weekly review: Exercise may fight depression. But how much do you need?

Daily Briefing

    'There's something terribly wrong': Why more Americans are dying in middle age (Monday, Dec. 2)
    Americans for decades had seen improvements in average life expectancy, but the trend reversed in 2014—with more U.S. residents dying at middle age from drug overdoses, diseases, obesity, suicide, and dozens of other causes, according to a study published recently in JAMA.

    Exercise may fight depression. But how much do you need? (Tuesday, Dec. 3)
    Exercise may be linked to a reduced risk of depression, even in people who are genetically predisposed to the condition, according to a recent study that analyzed data from the ongoing Partners Biobank study.

    Why your meetings are 'broken'—and how to fix them (Wednesday, Dec. 4)
    Many meetings break down because their participants try to tackle challenges using "intuitive problem solving"—an approach that's "highly effective" for individuals but counterproductive in group settings, Al Pittampalli writes for Harvard Business Review.

    The 30 health care stars under 30, according to Forbes (Thursday, Dec. 5)
    Forbes last week released its annual "30 Under 30 in Healthcare" list, which includes biological researchers, entrepreneurs, physicians, and PhD students under 30 years of age who are "tackling health care issues at every scale."

    'We prefer to be at the table': How Advocate Aurora's sole CEO is making the $12B organization an industry leader (Friday, Dec. 6)
    In this edition of "Lessons from the C-suite," Advocate Aurora Health President and CEO Jim Skogsbergh talks about why parting ways with former co-CEO Nick Turkal wasn't as "salacious" as people speculated, the "irreverence" that makes the organization's current partnerships so successful, and how the $12 billion organization is making sure it's "at the table"—not "on the table"—in a changing industry.

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