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November 11, 2019

Weekly review: Map: Where nurses are paid the most (and least)

Daily Briefing

    The ingenious way a doctor freed this boy's tongue from a bottle (Monday, Nov. 4)
    When a seven-year-old boy from Germany went to the hospital with his tongue stuck in a bottle, a doctor relied on his wine bottle opening skills to help the boy out, according to a case study published Thursday in the European Journal of Anaesthesiology.

    Map: Where nurses are paid the most (and least) (Tuesday, Nov. 5) A new Forbes analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics data ranks all 50 states based on how much RNs are paid. See the average salary in your state with our interactive map.

    She lost her husband, father, and mother. Then she got a $20K hospital bill. (Wednesday, Nov. 6)
    After Arline Feilen's husband, father, and mother died within a few years of each other, Feilen found herself so grief-stricken that a friend sent her to the ED out of concern for her safety—and because Feilen's health insurance didn't cover mental health services, she was left with a $21,634.55 hospital bill, Laura Ungar reports for NPR's "Shots."

    Leapfrog just graded 2,633 hospitals on safety. How did yours fare? (Thursday, Nov. 7)
    The Leapfrog Group on Thursday released its Fall Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grades, giving about one-third of hospitals an "A," but giving more than 40% of hospitals a "C" or lower.

    How millennials' health—and wealth—is faltering, in 3 charts (Friday, Nov. 8)
    Millennials are suffering from chronic health issues at greater rates than previous generations, a new report from Moody's and the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association finds. Here's the impact the study found on their financial health and four ways providers can effectively target millennials to increase their access to care, according to Advisory Board's Emily Heuser.

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