How millennials' health—and wealth—is faltering, in 3 charts

Millennials are suffering from chronic health issues at greater rates than previous generations, a new report from Moody's and the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association finds. Here's the impact the study found on their financial health and four ways providers can effectively target millennials to increase their access to care, according to Advisory Board's Emily Heuser.

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How Geisinger's home care program reduced ED visits—and saved money

To better manage care for older patients with complex needs, Geisinger implemented a home care program called Geisinger at Home, which has helped the system save money and reduce ED visits and admissions, Janet Tomcavage, Jaewon Ryu, and Sanjay Doddamani write in the Harvard Business Review.

Hospital-acquired conditions are down, but did CMS' penalty program play a role?

Hospital-acquired conditions (HACs) have decreased nationwide, according to a recent CDC report, but a new study published in Health Affairs suggests CMS' HAC Program is not behind the decrease.

Weekend reads: People are getting STDs diagnosed on Reddit

Why some people like TV spoilers, where the most dangerous germs lurk, and more.

A detective was granted a warrant to search a private DNA database. Is your genetic privacy at risk?

A Florida detective at a police conference last week announced that a judge had approved a warrant to search the genetic profiles of almost one million users on GEDmatch—news that alarms privacy advocates, who fear such warrants could "tur[n] all genetic databases into law enforcement databases," Kashmir Hill and Heather Murphy write for the New York Times.

Judges strike down HHS' 'conscience protection' rule as unconstitutional

A federal judge on Wednesday struck down the Trump administration's so-called "conscience protection" rule, which was intended to enforce protections for health care professionals who have moral or religious objections to providing certain medical care, including abortion care and medically assisted death.

HHS sues Gilead over alleged PrEP patent infringement

The Trump administration on Wednesday filed a lawsuit against Gilead Sciences claiming the drugmaker's sales of the HIV-prevention drugs Truvada and Descovy violate HHS patents.

Around the nation: How Sanford wants to tackle nurse retention

The initiative includes a nurse residency that will cover topics such as critical thinking, critical reasoning, patient safety, interpersonal communication, evidence-based practice, and patient- and family-centered care, in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from Pennsylvania, South Dakota, and Utah.