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November 7, 2019

The 10 health care tweets that caught our eye this week

Daily Briefing

    With so many health care providers, thought leaders, journalists, and policymakers active on Twitter, it's easy to miss tweets that are informative, provocative, or entertaining. Here are 10 health care tweets that caught our eyes this week (in no particular order).

    1) Annie Lowrey, staff writer for The Atlantic, shares a bill summary for fetal monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, and an emergency C-section.

    2) Christina Farr, a reporter for CNBC, shares her thoughts on Google's acquisition of Fitbit.

    3) Tamar Haspel, columnist for the Washington Post, shares a picture representing the argument in nutrition science over the nutritional risks and benefits of eating meat.

    4) Rachel Woods, researcher for Advisory Board, shares her thoughts on the importance of expanding specialty access capacity.

    5) YouTube show Healthcare Triage shares a video discussing a new randomized controlled trial on the relationship between diet and depression.

    6) Shreya Kangovi, doctor and researcher at Penn Medicine, shares a study on what constitutes an "inappropriate" ED visit.

    7) Larry Levitt, EVP for health policy at the Kaiser Family Foundation, shares a statistic on how many Americans have used Medicaid or know someone who has used Medicaid.

    8) Nicholas Bagley, law professor at the University of Michigan, shares a thread on price controls.

    9) Wyatt Koma of the Kaiser Family Foundation shares a graphic on out-of-pocket spending by Medicare beneficiaries.

    10) Satirical publication The Onion satirizes the effort by some to reduce the amount of blue light they see before bed.

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