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October 22, 2019

The top hospitals for 16 specialties, according to Healthgrades

Daily Briefing

    Healthgrades on Tuesday released its 2020 analysis of the top hospitals in the United States as well as a report assessing hospital quality nationwide.

    Just updated: See how Healthgrades selects its winners

    2020 Specialty Excellence Award

    For the hospital analysis, called the 2020 Specialty Excellence Award, Healthgrades evaluated the performance of almost 4,500 hospitals and assessed clinical outcomes across 32 procedures and conditions across 16 specialty areas:

    • Bariatric surgery;
    • Cardiac care;
    • Cardiac surgery;
    • Coronary intervention;  
    • Cranial neurosurgery;
    • Critical surgery;
    • Gastrointestinal care;
    • General surgery;
    • Joint replacement;
    • Neurosciences;
    • Orthopedic surgery;
    • Prostate surgery;
    • Pulmonary care;
    • Spine surgery;
    • Stroke care; and
    • Vascular surgery.

    The organization recognized 1,007 hospitals that rank in the top 10% of hospitals nationwide for at least one of 16 specialty areas Healthgrades evaluated. 

    Report to the nation

    In addition, Healthgrades on Tuesday released its 2020 Report to the Nation, titled "Putting Hospital Quality into Perspective."

    The report includes an analysis from Healthgrades that found patients treated at hospitals receiving a five-star rating by Healthgrades had a 49% lower risk of death and a 59% lower risk of experiencing at least one complication during their hospital stay than those who stayed at hospitals receiving a one-star rating.

    Healthgrades also found that, if hospitals collectively performed similarly to hospitals receiving five-star ratings from Healthgrades between 2016 and 2018, 220,019 lives could potentially be saved and 149,403 complications could be avoided among Medicare patients.

    Brad Bowman, CMO at Healthgrades, said, "Since we started reporting on hospital quality over 20 years ago, consumers have become increasingly savvy when it comes to researching their health and now expect greater transparency as it relates to hospital quality." He added, "We commend those hospitals that have achieved recognition for their long-standing commitment to quality outcomes" (Healthgrades Specialty Excellence Awards and America's Best Care 2020 list, accessed 10/22; Healthgrades Report to the Nation, accessed 10/22; Healthgrades release, 10/22).

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