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October 21, 2019

Weekly review: Why Amazon is steering cancer patients away from local hospitals

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    5 ways to feel less overwhelmed. (Hint: The answer isn't just to work more hours.) (Monday, Oct. 14)
    When you feel overwhelmed, you may assume you just need to work harder to clear out your to-do list—but that's not always the right approach, Rebecca Zucker, an executive coach, writes for Harvard Business Review. Here are five ways you can alleviate stress without working longer hours.

    Why the diet soda controversy may never die (Tuesday, Oct. 15)
    Despite the "exceedingly good" odds that drinking too much soda won't kill you, in recent years, there's been a seemingly endless slew of research highlighting its vices, Aaron Carroll, a health economist and pediatrics professor at Indiana University, writes. Here are a few reasons, according to Carroll, why the studies just keep coming.

    Why Amazon is steering cancer patients away from local hospitals (Wednesday, Oct. 16)
    To reduce health spending, Amazon is now paying for employees with cancer to travel to Los Angeles to see leading specialists at City of Hope health system, Melanie Evans reports for the Wall Street Journal.

    The top 25 'emerging leaders' in health care, according to Modern Healthcare (Thursday, Oct. 17)
    Modern Healthcare has released its 33rd annual list of "Emerging Leaders" (formerly called "Up & Comers"), recognizing young health care leaders who are making a big difference in the industry.

    Kombucha, CBD oil, and 3 more: Do these popular wellness products actually work? (Friday, Oct. 18)

    Wellness products such as kombucha, CBD oil, and even "activated charcoal," have grown in popularity in recent years, thanks to their purported health benefits, but do these products actually do what they claim to do? The New York Times' Dawn MacKeen and Amitha Kalaichandran investigated five popular wellness products to find out.

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