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October 14, 2019

Weekly review: Why this year's flu season could be a doozy

Daily Briefing

    Map: The best (and worst) states for aging, according to US News (Monday, Oct. 7)
    U.S. News & World Report has released its "Best States for Aging" list, which ranks all 50 states on how they address the needs of older adults. See how your state fared on our interactive map.

    Why this year's flu season could be a doozy (Tuesday, Oct. 8)
    The U.S. cold and flu season officially kicked off Oct. 1, and early data suggests the United States is on track for a particularly virulent flu season. Daily Briefing's Ashley Fuoco Antonelli outlines three things you need to know—and ways to keep healthy this flu season.

    'An ethical responsibility': How Cleveland Clinic CEO Tom Mihaljevic plans to reach 4M patients by 2024 (Wednesday, Oct. 9)
    In this edition of "Lessons from the C-suite," Tom Mihaljevic, president and CEO of Cleveland Clinic, talks about the extraordinary circumstances that took him from Croatia to the Clinic's C-suite, his view on growth as an "ethical responsibility," and why you should call your mother every day.

    4 'elephants in the room' hindering health care's drive toward value (Thursday, Oct. 10)
    At the Cross-Industry Value Summit, Advisory Board asked 40 leaders from across health care—including payers, providers, life sciences manufacturers, and more—to identify the "elephants in the room" hindering health care's move toward value. Here's what we learned.

    How nurses get paid, in 5 charts (Friday, Oct. 11)
    Medscape on Wednesday released its annual RN/LRN Compensation report, and this year's report shows that 49% of RNs and 58% of LPNs do not feel fairly compensated. Find out how nurse pay varies by gender, practice setting, geography, and more on our interactive charts.

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