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October 7, 2019

Weekly review: The 150 'Best Places to Work,' according to Modern Healthcare

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    The 150 'Best Places to Work,' according to Modern Healthcare (Monday, Sept. 30)
    Modern Healthcare has released its 2019 ranked list of the "Best Places to Work" in health care, featuring hospitals, suppliers, and other organizations in the industry.

    Hospital mergers always promise 'economies of scale.' Why do so few deliver? (Tuesday, Oct. 1)
    Many health systems carry extensive fixed costs that are crippling their margins. And while a core component of achieving "systemness," it's very difficult to make hard decisions about consolidating and repurposing fixed assets. Advisory Board's David Willis outlines why systems must make them anyway to achieve economies of scale and offers several keys to success.

    Is red meat really bad for you? A new study ignites a scientific food fight. (Wednesday, Oct. 2)
    The nutrition world was launched into a divisive debate last week over existing guidelines for red meat consumption when the Annals of Internal Medicine published new recommendations that concluded there’s no convincing evidence that adults need to reduce their intake of processed and red meats to improve their health.

    The right (and wrong) way to hire for 'culture fit' (Thursday, Oct. 3)
    Some human resources experts believe hiring for "cultural fit" disadvantages companies by employing only like-minded individuals, but others argue that with the right definition in place, the practice doesn't have to undermine diversity. Advisory Board's Kate Vonderhaar outlines why the secret lies in building a differentiated culture.

    Map: See the 2,583 hospitals that face readmission penalties this year (Friday, Oct. 4)
    Medicare on Tuesday began the latest payment adjustments to hospitals under the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program, and a Kaiser Health News analysis shows more than 2,500 hospitals will face penalties for fiscal year 2020. View our map to see how your hospital fared.

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