Map: The best (and worst) states for aging, according to US News

U.S. News & World Report last week released its "Best States for Aging" list, which ranks all 50 states on how they address the needs of older adults. See how your state fared on our interactive map.

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Trump admin will deny visas to those without health insurance

President Trump on Friday issued a proclamation that could deny immigrants' visas if they cannot prove they can afford to cover their medical expenses or that they will be enrolled in health coverage.

Sanders had a heart attack. What does that mean for his presidential campaign?

After news broke that Sen. Bernie Sanders was hospitalized for chest pain Tuesday, his presidential campaign on Friday disclosed that Sanders suffered a heart attack and was treated at Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center.

Measles is still 'eliminated' in America… barely, CDC says

CDC on Thursday said it expects the United States will maintain its World Health Organization designation as a country that has eliminated measles.

Around the nation: 124 Legionnaires' disease cases tied to North Carolina fair

The exact source of the outbreak is unknown but officials say people were more likely to develop the disease if they were near a hot tub display at the fair, in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from Delaware, North Carolina, and Texas.

'It's a helpless feeling': Meet the nurse who calms anxious parents in Boston Children’s waiting room

At Boston Children's Hospital, surgical liaison Kathy Delaney, a nurse by training, serves as "the official emissary" between "the masked world of the" OR and the surgical waiting room, keeping anxious parents updated on the status of their children during their procedures, Eric Boodman reports for the Boston Globe.

Stranded at 30,000 feet with no lifesaving drugs: America's drug shortage hits the skies

The Federal Aviation Administration requires airlines to carry certain lifesaving drugs onboard every flight, but in recent years, a growing number of airlines have received exemptions for planes to fly without all the drugs because of shortages, Roni Caryn Rabin reports for the New York Times.

Weekly review: The 150 'Best Places to Work,' according to Modern Healthcare

Red meat study ignites a scientific food fight, the right (and wrong) way to hire for culture fit, and more.