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September 23, 2019

Weekly review: The 3 biggest vaping myths we've seen recently, busted

Daily Briefing

    The 3 biggest vaping myths we've seen recently  busted (Monday, Sept. 16)
    News about e-cigarettes and vaping has dominated headlines recently—and so have myths about the devices, Daily Briefing's Ashley Fuoco Antonelli reports. Here are three myths that gained traction.

    Why are nurses hiding drugs in ceiling tiles? Blame America's health care 'workarounds.' (Tuesday, Sept. 17)
    When Theresa Brown heard about nurses hiding patients' drugs in the ceiling to work around their hospital's slow pharmacy, she "wasn't surprised." In a New York Times opinion piece, Brown, a clinical faculty member at the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing, explains why these workarounds are all too common in the U.S. health system.

    'I'm a drug addict,' a columnist wrote. Then the backlash began. (Wednesday, Sept. 18)
    David Lazarus, a business columnist for the Los Angeles Times, two weeks ago wrote a column detailing his struggles quitting antidepressants, but his article—titled "Hi, I'm David. I'm a drug addict"—received backlash from some critics for conflating addiction and physical dependence.

    Death in America, charted (Thursday, Sept. 19)
    A new CDC report shows death rates for the five states with the highest rates of mortality were 49% higher than the five states with the lowest rates in 2017—a discrepancy that shows the effect location-based and race-based inequities can have at a population level. Here's how providers can help reduce those disparities.

    The 25 'Highest Paying Jobs.' (Hint: 6 are in health care.) (Friday, Sept. 20)
    Glassdoor last week released its 2019 list of the 25 "Highest Paying Jobs" in the United States, and five of the top 10 are in health care.

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