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September 19, 2019

The 10 health care tweets that caught our eye this week

Daily Briefing

    With so many health care providers, thought leaders, journalists, and policymakers active on Twitter, it's easy to miss tweets that are informative, provocative, or entertaining. Here are 10 health care tweets that caught our eyes this week (in no particular order).

    1) Aledade founder and former National Coordinator for Health IT Farzad Mostashari examines what an EHR created by Google might look like.

    2) Bloomberg News' Drew Armstrong shares a Bloomberg piece that examines the proliferation of short-term health plans under the Trump administration and the impact on patients.

    3) NPR this week wrote about membership programs air ambulance companies are offering to protect against surprise bills—and Kaiser Health News' Sarah Jane Tribble has a photo of one company's marketing material.

    4) Advisory Board's Bec Richmond attended this week's HSJ Integrated Care Summit where a panel discussed digital transformation in health care. 

    5) Dan O'Neill, a health policy fellow at the National Academy of Medicine, debunks the myth that uncompensated care is affecting how well emergency physicians are compensated.

    6) New York Times reporter Sarah Kliff examines a campaign aimed at stopping legislation to end surprise medical bills.

    7) Vox founder and editor Ezra Klein explains why he believes climate change legislation should be prioritized over health care reform. 

    8) Nicholas Bagley, a law professor at the University of Michigan, weighs in on the legality Tennessee's proposed switch to Medicaid block grants.

    9) Aaron Carroll, professor of pediatrics at Indiana University and a writer for the New York Times, shares his thoughts on how day care's policies on minor illnesses can have a negative effect on parents.

    10) Healthcare Triage, a YouTube show, shares a video describing the negative effects state policies designed to stop pregnant women from drinking can have on women and their unborn children.

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