Death in America, charted

In 2017, death rates for the five states with the highest rates of mortality were 49% higher than the five states with the lowest rates, according to a new CDC report. The discrepancy proves just how much impact location-based and race-based inequities yield at a population level.

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17M Americans have survived cancer. Now, they're asking their doctors: What's next?

Advances in cancer treatment are leading to enormous increases in the number of cancer survivors. Here are four ways providers are helping these patients navigate the physical and emotional burdens of survival, Laura Landro—herself a longtime cancer survivor—reports for the Wall Street Journal.

America's health care system is 'a real outlier' on costs. Why?

The U.S. health care system is unique, but what makes it truly distinct from other health care systems around the globe is the amount patients—including those who are insured—pay out of pocket for care, Noam Levey reports for the Los Angeles Times.

The 10 health care tweets that caught our eye this week

What an EHR made by Google might look like, how short-term health plans under the Trump administration have affected patients, and more.

Around the nation: New York bans flavored e-cigarettes

The state will enforce the ban, which will affect all flavors of e-cigarettes except for menthol, starting Oct. 7, in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from Kansas, Maryland, and New York.

Millions of patients' health images are available to 'anyone with basic computer expertise'

The medical images and health data of more than five million patients are stored on insecure computer systems that are accessible to "anyone with basic computer expertise," Jack Gillum and his colleagues write for ProPublica.

Tennessee has a first-in-the-nation plan to convert Medicaid into a block grant

Tennessee on Tuesday released a draft Medicaid waiver proposal to convert the state's Medicaid financing structure from an open-ended federal funding system into a fixed block-grant system.

What private health care can learn from VA, according to former secretary David Shulkin

In a post on LinkedIn, former Veterans Affairs (VA) Secretary David Shulkin, who spent much of his career in the private sector, offers 12 tips the private health care sector can take from VA.