Is $4.5B a fair price for a wrist surgery? (Hint: No.)

Jay Crawford, a pediatric orthopedic surgeon, recently argued in STAT News that a colleague "should have been paid $4.5 billion for fixing my broken wrist, not $1,000." Here's why Crawford's argument is misguided—and what it nonetheless reveals about U.S. health care prices, according to Daily Briefing's Thomas Seay.

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Advisory Board Insight

To help employees be more empathetic, Humana is deploying… robots?

At the Humana Pharmacy call center, employees receive coaching in empathy from an unlikely source: an artificial intelligence software called Cogito, Frances Yue reports for USA Today.

Why your office culture may be toxic—even if you don't realize it

In Harvard Business Review, Walmart EVP Celia Swanson describes how leaders unknowingly enable toxic work cultures and lists three ways they can confront it.

Weekend reads: The best cities for pets, ranked

How to focus in an overstimulated world, clues into why this woman has suffered from UTIs for nearly five decades, and more.

Is your ED ready for a pediatric emergency? Probably not, according to a new study.

A new study found critically ill children have higher mortality rates when hospital EDs are not prepared for pediatric patients—but Jeremy Kahn, a fellow at the University of Pittsburgh and the study's senior author, said there are steps hospitals can take to better prepare for pediatric emergencies.

What's behind the recent vaping deaths? Health officials may have a lead.

Federal and state health officials this week announced they have identified high levels of vitamin E acetate in samples of marijuana vaping products that have been linked to a deadly lung illness affecting patients across the country.

Around the nation: CVS-Aetna merger is officially a done deal

U.S. District Judge Richard Leon on Wednesday approved a settlement with federal antitrust enforcers, allowing the much-anticipated deal to go through, in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from Maryland, Michigan, and Rhode Island.