Has medicine secretly become a 'family-friendly profession'? (Not quite.)

In a controversial article in the New York Times' "The Upshot," Claire Cain Miller writes that medicine has evolved to become "a stealth family-friendly profession"—a claim that Advisory Board's Veena Lanka says is "not supported by the facts within its own narrative."

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How hospitals are preparing for Hurricane Dorian's wrath

As Hurricane Dorian approaches the United States, here's how hospitals up the Atlantic coast are preparing for the powerful storm.

First, she had a heart transplant. Then, a debt collector added her on LinkedIn.

Tens of millions of Americans owe medical debt, and it's not uncommon for collections agencies to pursue aggressive tactics to recoup the balance, Ogla Khazan reports for The Atlantic.

This state is making 'the biggest bet yet' on value-based care

North Carolina and its largest private insurer have recently launched initiatives to move from a fee-for-service model toward value-based care, and several of the initiatives are showing early signs of success, Steve Lohr reports for the New York Times.

Around the nation: Nurses put on impromptu Backstreet Boys concert for patient

When a patient at Northside Hospital in Atlanta had to miss a much-anticipated Backstreet Boys concert, a group of nurses decided to give her a Backstreet Boys concert of their own.

The health risks of marijuana, according to the US surgeon general

U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams on Thursday issued an advisory warning pregnant women and youth against using marijuana, saying the substance can pose risks to developing brains.

US is on the verge of losing its measles elimination status, CDC warns

A CDC official last week said there is a "reasonable chance" the United States will lose its designation as a country that has eliminated measles.

Weekly review: 'Why I hope to die at 75,' revisited

How Sutter CEO Sarah Krevans wants health care to be "dramatically different in 10 years," how war metaphors can backfire, and more.