Our 6 best workplace ‘hacks,’ according to Advisory Board experts

Back from your summer vacation and ready to excel at work in the fall? Advisory Board experts reveal their tried-and-true workplace secrets to warding off burnout, offering better advice, getting better feedback, and winning over your coworkers.

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One family's $6M drug claim (and what it means for the future of rare diseases)

Dawn Patterson and two of her children suffer from a rare bone disease, the only treatment for which is a multimillion-dollar drug that was slated to cost $6 million a year—a high price tag that's indicative of the pharmaceutical industry's growing interest in treatment for rare diseases, Katie Thomas and Reed Abelson report for the New York Times.

Many Medicare beneficiaries die within 5 years after a long-term care hospital stay, study finds

Many Medicare beneficiaries admitted into long-term acute care hospitals spend about 66% of their remaining lives in an inpatient setting, and many die within five years, according to a study published Monday in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.

Conventional wisdom says the US spends too much on health care—and not enough on social services. But is that true?

It has been widely speculated that the reason the United States outspends other countries on health care is because it does not invest enough in social services, but a study published last week in Health Affairs casts doubt on that theory.

Around the nation: A tourist with measles visited Disneyland, alarming public health officials

A teenager with measles on a trip from New Zealand visited Disneyland, Universal Studios, Madame Tussauds, and the Santa Monica Pier earlier this month, potentially exposing large numbers of people to the disease, in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from California, Connecticut, and Tennessee.

DeepMind's new AI system can predict 90% of severe kidney injuries—up to 2 days in advance

DeepMind has developed an AI tool that can predict the onset of acute kidney injury "with a lead time of up to 48 hours," according to a paper published in Nature.

DEA will license more marijuana producers for research

The Drug Enforcement Administration on Monday announced that it will move forward with a years-delayed expansion of the agency's marijuana research program, meaning the agency soon could permit more growers to produce marijuana for use in medical studies and other research.

Long weekend reads: 4 ways to avoid a post-Labor Day hangover, according to a doctor

Tips for staying calm during a bumpy flight, how owning a dog might help your heart, and more.