5 years ago, Mayo Clinic made 3 huge bets. Are they paying off?

In 2014, Mayo Clinic embraced a strategic plan to revitalize the 150-year-old system, including three strategic gambles that ran counter to prevailing wisdom. So how have Mayo's big bets worked in practice? Daily Briefing's Jackie Kimmell dives deep to find out.

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What's the real reason your employees quit? Here's how to find out.

Writing in Harvard Business Review, Anthony Klotz and Mark Bolino outline three ways to find out the real reasons why employees leave your company—because exit interviews may not provide the full story.

The 'alarming' jump in colorectal cancer in young adults

Rates of colorectal cancer are rising among U.S. residents under 50 years old, according to a study published last month in the journal Cancer, leading some provider groups to lower their recommended screening age for the disease.

Do Medicaid DSH payments cover the cost of uncompensated care? It depends on the state.

In four states, Medicaid DSH payments in 2014 exceeded hospitals' aggregate uncompensated care costs, according to a new Government Accountability Office report—but in 29 states, the payments covered less than half of such costs.

Around the nation: Minnesota declares hepatitis A outbreak in 9 counties

Minnesota's Department of Health has confirmed 23 cases of hepatitis A in nine counties, including 13 cases that required hospitalization, in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from Illinois, Minnesota, and Virginia.

This blood test could predict Alzheimer's better than a brain scan, researchers say

Researchers at Washington University have developed a blood test for Alzheimer's that can detect a central biomarker for the disease in asymptomatic patients and might be more sensitive than a PET brain scan, according to a paper published recently in Neurology.

Can 'authorized generics' actually raise Rx prices?

Drugmakers increasingly are creating generic versions of their own brand-name drugs, aiming in part to sustain revenue after patents expire, but some critics say these so-called "authorized generics" stifle competition and ultimately could increase prices.

Weekly review: He was jailed as a 'fake doctor.' 20 years later, he's a real MD.

Why millennials and boomers might not be as different as you think; the best (and worst) states for health care, ranked; and more.