The best (and worst) states for health care, ranked

WalletHub on Monday released its annual list of the "Best & Worst States for Health Care" based on 43 measures related to health care access, cost, and outcomes. See where your state ranked with our interactive map.

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US infant mortality, in 3 charts

In a newly released report, CDC researchers found the United States reported a total of 22,341 infant deaths in 2017. Explore how infant deaths are trending over time, and where they're most common, on our interactive charts.

5 ways to stop overloading your nurse managers

Nurse managers play a critical role in driving staff engagement and improving clinical outcomes, but too often they're forced to struggle under heavy workloads that can accelerate burnout. Here are 5 ways to help, according to Advisory Board Research.

In wake of mass shootings, Trump calls for mental health reform

President Trump on Monday called for mental health care reform in the wake of mass shootings that occurred over the weekend—but some health care groups are pushing back, and instead calling on policymakers to reform the United States' gun laws.

Why are doctors setting up shop in the mall? It's 'a symbiotic relationship.'

A 2,300-square-foot walk-in clinic will soon open in the Mall of America—part of a growing trend that has seen mall leases for medical clinics grow by nearly 60% since 2017, with benefits for both shopping malls and providers.

'A very big deal': New study will use CRISPR to treat sickle cell disease

Doctors are testing whether they can use CRISPR to treat patients with sickle cell disease, marking the first time doctors in the United States have used the gene-editing tool to treat a patient with a genetic disorder, NPR's "Shots" reports.

Around the nation: Mount Sinai reaches capacity after a series of shootings

At peak capacity, Mount Sinai Hospital had 12 trauma patients, according to Roberta Rakove, the hospital's senior VP for external affairs, in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from Colorado, Illinois, and New York.