2 shootings. 9 hospitals. 31 fatalities: How hospitals responded to this weekend's mass shootings

Providers at hospitals and EDs in Texas and Ohio rushed to treat victims of two mass shootings over the weekend—one in El Paso that left 20 dead and 26 injured, and one in Dayton that left nine dead and at least 27 injured.

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The big question about 'Medicare for All' that keeps dividing Democrats

In last week's debate, Democratic presidential zeroed in on how much it would cost to implement "Medicare for All" in the United States and how the country would pay for it. Daily Briefing's Ashley Fuoco Antonelli rounds up what they had to say.

How Medicare wants to help doctors fill in the gaps in patients' medical histories

CMS on Tuesday unveiled a new pilot program intended to help providers fill gaps in a patient's medical history by providing access to Medicare claims data that contain a patient's previous diagnoses, procedures, and more.

Weekly review: US News names the 165 'Best Hospitals'

Your top four questions on Amazon in health care, answered; how this 47-year-old car mechanic just became a doctor; and more.

The 3 things you should know about this year's MPFS proposed rule, according to our experts

Our experts have spent the past week digging into all 1,704 pages of CMS' proposed updates to the Physician Fee Schedule (PFS). Here are their three biggest takeaways.

Can GPS navigation really 'ruin your brain'?

An opinion piece recently published in the Washington Post argued that the rise of GPS navigation might be undermining our brain function, but in an interview with Vox's Brian Resnick, neuroscientist Kate Jeffery explains why that's unlikely.

Around the nation: Regulators say UNC Children's meets federal rules after NYT piece sparked questions

UNC Children's has said that the concerns the New York Times covered in an article in May stemmed from "a dysfunctional group" in 2016 and that the hospital now has a different team, in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from New York, North Carolina, and Texas.