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July 29, 2019

Weekly review: 5 health care facts that shocked Advisory Board experts

Daily Briefing

    How 'Dr. Dave' scammed insurers for $4M—without a medical license (Monday, July 22)
    For more than four years, a personal trainer who called himself 'Dr. Dave' fraudulently billed major health insurers for about $25 million, collecting about $4 million in cash, Marshall Allen writes for ProPublica/Vox. Here's how he did it—and what finally brought him down.

    5 health care facts that shocked Advisory Board experts (Tuesday, July 23)
    Advisory Board experts uncover countless health care-related tidbits in our day-to-day research—but only rarely do we stumble upon a fact that shifts our understanding of the world. Here are five facts that shocked us recently, along with their implications for society, the health care system, and your hospital.

    Did your best employee just quit? Maybe that's a good thing. (Wednesday, July 24)
    Employers often "go to great lengths" to keep high performers from moving to a competitor, but a recent study suggests employees who hop between companies can actually have a mutual benefit for their future and former employers, the study's authors, Stefan Wagner and Martin Goossen, write in Harvard Business Review.

    Why you make bad decisions (and 4 ways to stop), according to a former Kaiser CEO (Thursday, July 25)
    Writing for Vox, Robert Pearl, a physician and former CEO of Kaiser's Permanente Medical Group, explains what leads people to make "regrettable" decisions—and how we can make better ones.

    The highest- and lowest-paid doctors, charted (Friday, July 26)
    Modern Healthcare last week released its annual Physician Compensation Survey, which lists average annual compensation for 23 provider specialties. Find out who's paid the most (and the least) on our interactive chart, and dive deeper into two important trends in the report with Advisory Board's Rachel Woods.

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