An incessant itch left this nurse in 'agony'—until one doctor dug deep into her medical past

Leslie Lavender, a 60-year-old retired nurse practitioner, was devastated by an 'incessant itch' that left her in 'agony' for over a year—until a specialist dug into her medical history to find an explanation other doctors had overlooked, Sandra Boodman reports for the Washington Post.

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Here's Facebook's plan to crack down on fake health news

Facebook and YouTube are taking new steps to reduce the spread of misleading health claims after a Wall Street Journal investigation found the websites are being "flooded" with misinformation.

Cancer patients keep winding up in the ED. Should they have their own urgent care centers instead?

Urgent care centers specifically designed for cancer patients can reduce ED utilization— helping to avoid the risks associated with a hospital visit and lowering the overall cost of care, finds a new study. Advisory Board’s Deirdre Saulet and Ashley Riley outline why these centers may be right for your program and explain six ways to improve your urgent care strategy.

Weekly review: The 8 podcasts to listen to this summer, according to Advisory Board experts

The secondhand effects of alcohol consumption;; 10 medical myths, busted; and more.

Hollywood loves the 'rude-but-brilliant' surgeon. But in the real world, do abrasive surgeons truly outperform?

Patients treated by surgeons who were previously reported by coworkers for bad behavior are more likely to experience complications after surgery, according to a study published Wednesday in JAMA Surgery.

The HPV vaccine has led to a significant drop in precancerous diagnoses, study finds

HPV vaccinations have led to significant decreases in cases of anal and genital warts, HPV infections, and precancerous lesions in young girls and women in several countries, which suggests the vaccines could lead to a significant drop in cervical cancer, according to a study published recently in The Lancet.

Around the nation: American Pain Society declares bankruptcy as it battles opioid-related lawsuits

The American Pain Society recently filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and decided to cease operations due to legal costs stemming from opioid-related lawsuits, in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from Illinois, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Texas.