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June 3, 2019

Weekly review: The myth of Gen Z's narcissism (and what really sets them apart as patients)

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    The myth of Gen Z's narcissism (and what really sets them apart as patients) (Tuesday, May 28)
    Today's young adults are often depicted as entitled, overly sensitive, and self-absorbed, but is that really true? Here's what a new study found—and how you can appeal to Gen Z and millennials as patients, according to Advisory Board's Emily Heuser.

    Are you a 'secret parent' at work? Here's why you should open up about your kids. (Wednesday, May 29)
    Parents across the country are downplaying their child-care obligations to appear 100% committed to their office jobs—a practice of "secret parenting" that harms parents and employers alike, Emily Oster, an economist at Brown University, writes for The Atlantic.

    The 'secret' to lower health care costs, according to Mount Sinai's CEO (Tuesday, May 28)
    In America's debate about how to rein in health care spending, "we're missing a critical piece of the puzzle," Kenneth Davis, president and CEO of Mount Sinai Health System, and Robert Rubin, former secretary of the Treasury Department, write in a New York Times opinion piece.

    What do processed foods do to your body? Here's what 3 new studies found. (Friday, May 31)
    Three recent studies are raising the alarm about the impact of processed foods on your weight, cardiovascular health, and overall mortality risk. Here's what they found—and why providers have to address the "invisible challenge" of poor nutrition, according to Advisory Board's Tomi Ogundiumu.

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