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May 31, 2019

Weekend reads: Meet the people who wait until the last minute to get to the airport

Daily Briefing

    Ben Palmer's reads

    Some stats about 'Captain Dorito and the bombshell.' Superheroes like Captain America and Thor may seem like the epitome of physical fitness, but their bodies—and those of other superheroes—are actually far outside the scope of realistic human proportions, according to a recent study on 3,752 Marvel Comics male and female superheroes. For the study, titled, "Captain Dorito and the bombshell: Supernormal stimuli in comics and film," the researchers found that the male superheroes' exaggerated upper-body muscles created a technically obese body, while the female superheroes' extremely thin waists often created underweight bodies. The researchers concluded that that male superheroes often "resembl[ed] and exaggerate[ed] the Captain Dorito meme (the concept that Captain America, as played by Chris Evans, has the shoulder-to-waist ratio of a triangular Dorito corn chip)," while the female superheros were "uniformly thin and hyperfeminine."

    But will guac still cost extra? Attention nurses! Fast-casual chain Chipotle wants to recognize your hard work by offering nurses a buy-one-get-one-free deal on burritos or other meals on Tuesday, June 4. To redeem the offer, visit any Chipotle in the United States or Canada while open that day and present a valid nursing license or ID.

    Danielle Poindexter's reads

    Why some people are late to their flights—on purpose. For many people, arriving at the airport less than an hour before takeoff sounds like a recipe for disaster, but some travelers "kind of love the drama of running through an airport," according to Mac Joseph, a perpetually late airline traveler himself. "I hate lines. I hate the idea of waiting. I'll be the last person to board the plane, no matter where I'm sitting," Joseph said. He's not the only one who feels this way. Tim Herrera, an editor at the New York Times, avoids checking luggage and has TSA PreCheck so he can get to the airport at the latest time possible without missing his flight. "Everything is arranged in a way that nothing can go wrong, and if one thing goes wrong in that sequence of events, I'm screwed," he admits. Amanda Mull, writing for the Atlantic, says that their motivations for being late "are much more psychologically complicated" than some might think. Jonny Gerkin, a psychiatrist at the University of North Carolina, explained that arriving very early or late to the airport are just two different ways of handling the stress of travel. "One person is hyper-efficient and overprepared, and another is someone who doesn't manage their anxiety that way," Gerkin said.

    National spelling bee names 8 winners, after 20 'exhausting' rounds. The Scripps National Spelling Bee named eight co-champions after a historic final round during which all eight competitors spelled their words correctly. The champions, who competed among 557 other contestants between the ages of 7 and 15 over the course of three days, are the first group of eight to win the spelling bee in more than 90 years of the competition. The winners in the 20th round won by spelling words such as "auslaut," "erysipelas," "bougainvillea," "aiguillette," "pendeloque," and "odylic." Each winner will receive a $50,000 cash prize and a Scripps Cup.


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