April 29, 2019

Weekly review: Do nurses 'play cards' all day? The comment that sparked a nationwide backlash.

Daily Briefing

    The specialists who feel the most (and least) fairly compensated— and how their pay compares (Monday, April 22)
    About half of physicians across various specialties believe they are fairly compensated, according to Medscape's latest Physician Compensation report—but higher-paid specialties don't necessarily feel more fairly compensated. That's why, Advisory Board's Hamza Hasan and Sarah Evans explain, higher pay isn't the biggest driver of physician engagement.

    Do nurses 'play cards' all day? The comment that sparked a nationwide backlash. (Tuesday, April 23)
    Last week, Washington state Sen. Maureen Walsh said nurses at smaller rural hospitals "probably play cards for a considerable amount of the day"—sparking a wave of criticism from nurses and other health care providers. Advisory Board's Katherine Virkstis says the comments "threaten to delegitimize the sacrifices and commitments nurses make for their patients on a daily basis" and increase burnout.

    The winners (and losers) in Medicare's 2020 inpatient proposed rule (Wednesday, April 24)
    Medicare's proposed Inpatient Prospective Payment System rule for 2020 includes the biggest payment bump in a decade—but not everyone will share equally in the increase. Here are the hospitals and specialties poised to be the "winners" and "losers" under the proposed rule, according to Advisory Board's Eric Fontana and Kenna Hawes.

    The 5 most dangerous sleep myths, debunked (Thursday, April 25)
    Sleep is essential to good health—yet many people have misconceptions about what makes for a good night's sleep, and some of those beliefs can endanger public health, according to a study by NYU Langone researchers published earlier this month in Sleep Health.

    Why millennials' health is getting worse, in 4 charts (Friday, April 26)
    Millennials' overall health is significantly worse than Gen Xers' health was at the same age, according to a recent study from the Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Index. Here's what the study found, and four ways providers can effectively target the millennial generation, according to Advisory Board's Emily Heuser.

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