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February 22, 2019 | The Daily Briefing

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Are your millennial staff jumping ship? Here are 4 ways IU Health keeps them on board.

Is your iPhone bad for your mental health? Here's what the evidence says.

As measles outbreaks grow, here's how Facebook, YouTube, and other tech giants are cracking down on vaccine misinformation

Maryland tried to regulate price increases for generic drugs. After SCOTUS declined the case, the law is dead.

Purdue execs intentionally downplayed OxyContin's strength, Propublica reports after obtaining sealed testimony

Could working from home weaken your immune system? Here's what the experts say.

Why Mayo, Weill Cornell, and other medical schools want young doctors to talk to healthy seniors

Weekend reads: This disease turns deer brains into 'Swiss cheese.' What could it do to humans?

Around the nation: In a bid to train more primary care docs, NYU will open a new medical school on Long Island

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