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February 11, 2019 | The Daily Briefing

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5 'ambitious' ways Google wants to change health care (that you've likely overlooked)

He was shot 16 times—and survived. Here's his miraculous, harrowing medical journey.

More than 50% of hospitals don't have a backup plan if their CEO leaves. Here are 3 ways to fix that.

Trump is in 'very good health,' exam finds. But he hasn't 'religiously' followed his weight-loss plan.

What drove health care's spending slowdown among the elderly? (Hint: It's all about heart disease.)

Hundreds of cancer cases likely linked to breast implants, FDA warns

Weekly review: The 5-step guide to public speaking, according to the New York Times

Around the Nation: Montana hospitals will pay a fee to fund the state's Medicaid expansion

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