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January 14, 2019

Weekly review: The 10 best jobs in health care in 2019, according to US News

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    It's just the flu, doctors told him. (But the real culprit was far stranger.) (Monday, Jan. 7)
    The 54-year-old patient had already gotten a diagnosis: influenza, writes Lisa Sanders, a physician and teacher at Yale School of Medicine, for the New York Times Magazine. But when his abdomen mysteriously continued to fill with fluid long afterward, a series of doctors teamed up to unravel a far more complicated medical mystery.

    The 10 most popular questions for Dr. Google in 2018—and their answers (Tuesday, Jan. 8)
    From flu facts to buzzing diets to women's health concerns, here are the 10 most-Googled health questions of 2018. 

    The 10 best jobs in health care in 2019, according to US News (Wednesday, Jan. 9)
    U.S. News & World Report just released its annual list of the best health care jobs. Find out if your job made the cut—and discover three ideas from Advisory Board's Kate Vonderhaar about how managers can help turn any position into a "best job."

    Map: The 600,000 Americans who will die of cancer this year (Thursday, Jan. 10)
    The U.S. cancer death rate has been dropping for 25 years—but even so, 600,000 Americans likely will die of the disease this year, according to a new American Cancer Society report. Explore the leading causes of cancer deaths, and find out cancer's toll in your state, on our interactive maps.

    Health care spends $30B a year on marketing. Here's where it all goes, charted. (Friday, Jan. 11)
    The health care industry is spending more on promotional advertising than ever before, with annual spending on health care marketing nearly doubling from 1997 to 2016, according to a study published Tuesday in JAMA. Find out where all the money is going.

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