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January 7, 2019

Weekly review: The 25 'Best Paying Jobs' (Hint: 15 are in health care.)

Daily Briefing

    The best diets for 2019, according to US News (Wednesday, Jan. 2)
    Ready to put that New Year's resolution into action? Find out which diets ranked best for weight-loss, ease of following, and more.

    The 25 'Best Paying Jobs.' (Hint: 15 are in health care.) (Thursday, Jan. 3)
    Health care jobs make up 15 of the 25 "Best Paying Jobs" in the United States—and the entire top 10—according to U.S. News & World Report. See if your job made the cut.

    $474,725: This 'surprise' medical bill may be the biggest you've ever seen (Friday, Jan. 4)
    After suffering a debilitating stroke, Kristina Cunningham was transported from Wichita, Kansas, to Boston on an air ambulance, and though both her doctors and insurer deemed the transport medically necessary, she later received a potentially record-setting $474,725 bill, Martha Bebinger reports for WBUR.

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