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October 25, 2018 | The Daily Briefing

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The 100 cities 'getting health care right,' according to Healthgrades

Women make up just 3% of health care CEOs. Here are 4 ways to fix that 'woefully inadequate' number.

'Take two aspirin, and I’ll see you at the polls': Is it ever appropriate for doctors to tell their patients to vote?

How Mayo Clinic cut stroke care costs by 10%—without sacrificing quality

Is the 'tide turning' on the opioid epidemic? Trump admin, rolling out new efforts, says yes.

FDA approved a flu drug that can cut symptoms by 33 hours—but there's a catch

FDA sets new record for generic drug approvals

ACO roundup: Physician-group ACOs report increasing MSSP savings, study finds

Around the nation: Amgen lowers PCSK9 drug price 60%

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