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October 15, 2018

Around the nation: Colorado, Mississippi Medicaid programs order hospitals to report 340B purchases

Daily Briefing

    The move is part of a growing national effort to reduce state government drug spending, in today's bite-sized hospital and health-industry news from Colorado, Indiana, Mississippi, and New Hampshire.

    • Colorado/Mississippi: The Medicaid programs in Colorado and Mississippi have given hospitals until Nov. 1 to disclose which drugs they purchased under the 340B program. The data would allow the states to adjust reimbursements and pursue rebates from drugmakers for drugs that weren't discounted. Hospitals that fail to comply with the new requirement could have their drug claims denied. About 26 other states have submitted similar amendments to CMS (Dickson, Modern Healthcare, 10/11).

    • Indiana: Goshen Hospital announced last week that it is planning an $87 million expansion project. The health system plans to tear down the original 1954 hospital and replace it with a "caregiver designed" patient tower with 106 rooms, according to Randy Christophel, president and CEO of Goshen Health (Kline, The Goshen News, 10/12).

    • New Hampshire: Dartmouth College announced this week that 50 students contracted hand, foot, and mouth disease. Symptoms of the disease, which include a high fever and sores on the inside of the mouth, last a few days, but people with the disease can be contagious for up to 10 days. Sick students can contact the college's 24-hour hotline or get treatment at its health service facility (AP/Sacramento Bee, 10/11).

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