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October 1, 2018

Weekly review: 10 facts you didn't know about cancer

Daily Briefing

    When cancer will become America's #1 killer, plus 9 more facts you didn't know about cancer (Monday, Sept. 24)
    Do you know how big the so-called "Angelina Jolie" effect was for breast cancer screening? Or just how few advance-stage cancer patients have completed an advance directive? Advisory Board's Deirdre Saulet shares 10 facts to know about cancer prevalence, treatment, and survivorship.

    For most hospitals, the IV bag shortage is a nightmare. For Texas Health, it's boosted nurse satisfaction. (Tuesday, Sept. 25)
    The IV bag shortage has been a source of frustration for hospitals nationwide, but for Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, it brought unexpected benefits, Alia Paavola reports for Becker's Hospital Review.

    Are you 'self-centered,' a 'role model,' or just plain 'average?' Scientists have a new, evidence-based way to determine your personality type.  (Wednesday, Sept. 26)
    A new study in Nature Human Behavior suggests that all people fall into one of just four previously unidentified personality types.

    Map: See the 2,599 hospitals that will face readmissions penalties this year (Thursday, Sept. 27)
    New CMS data show 2,599 hospitals, or 82% of participants, will receive reduced reimbursement under the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program in FY 2019. View our map to see how your hospital fared.

    The 150 best places to work, according to Modern Healthcare (Friday, Sept. 28) 
    Modern Healthcare has released its 2018 ranked list of the "Best Places to Work" in health care, featuring hospitals, suppliers, and payers.

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