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September 28, 2018

The 150 best places to work, according to Modern Healthcare

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    Modern Healthcare on Friday released its 2018 ranked list of the "Best Places to Work" in health care, featuring hospitals, suppliers, and various other firms in the industry.

    Congratulations to Advisory Board members named to the list


    Any provider, insurer, or supplier in the U.S. health care industry with at least 25 employees that has been in business for at least a year can apply to be considered for the list.

    To determine the list, Modern Healthcare collects information from each applicant's leadership team about the company's policies, practices, demographics, and benefits. The publication then surveys the company's staff about eight core areas:

    • Corporate culture and communications;
    • Leadership and planning;
    • Overall engagement;
    • Pay and benefits;
    • Relationship with supervisor;
    • Role satisfaction;
    • Training and development; and
    • Work environment.

    For this year's edition, Modern Healthcare ranked a group of 75 providers and insurers on one list and a group of 75 suppliers on another. Modern Healthcare previously released an unranked list in May.

    Just updated: Get a 1-page cheat sheet on how Modern Healthcare calculates their list

    The Best Places to Work

    According to Modern Healthcare, the top 10 best providers or insurers to work for are:

    1. Hospice of the Northwest (Mount Vernon, Washington);
    2. York General (York, Nebraska);
    3. Methodist Ambulatory Surgery Hospital (San Antonio, Texas);
    4. Marathon Health (Winooski, Vermont);
    5. Beach Cities Health District (Redondo Beach, California);
    6. Woman's Hospital (Baton Rouge, Louisiana);
    7. Sutter Amador Hospital (Jackson, California);
    8. Southern Tennessee Regional Health System-Pulaski (Pulaski, Tennessee);
    9. Shriners Hospitals for Children-Erie (Erie, Pennsylvania); and
    10. Black River Memorial Hospital (Black River Falls, Wisconsin).

    According to Modern Healthcare, the top 10 best suppliers to work for are:

    1. Medasource (Indianapolis);
    2. Talent Plus (Lincoln, Nebraska);
    3. Medicus Healthcare Solutions (Windham, New Hampshire);
    4. Axxess (Dallas);
    5. Medkoder (Mandeville, Louisiana);
    6. Burwood Group (Chicago);
    7. Crothall Healthcare (Wayne, Pennsylvania);
    8. Weatherby Healthcare (Durham, North Carolina);
    9. Morrison Healthcare (Halethorpe, Maryland); and
    10. Galen Healthcare Solutions (Boston).

    'Healthiest Award' winners

    Among providers and insurers, Sutter Davis Hospital won the publication's "Healthiest Award," while Medicus Healthcare Solutions won the award among suppliers.

    According to Modern Healthcare, Medicus last year began focusing on three important aspects of the employee experience on their campus: the physical, technical, and cultural environment.

    Toward that end, Medicus launched Medicus Fit, an eight-person committee focused on employees' physical and mental health. The committee runs a gym at the headquarters campus, sponsors an annual Spartan-style competition called Medicus Mayhem, and sponsors a running club.

    'Millennials Award' winners

    SpineNevada Minimally Invasive Spine Institute won Modern Healthcare's "Millennials Award" among providers and insurers, while Protenus won the award among suppliers.

    According to Jake Hargis, director of clinical and ancillary operations for SpineNevada, the company aims to "make this a place where people want to come to work, not just have to come to work to collect a paycheck." They do this by encouraging fun, according to Modern Healthcare, which it does through company events as well as by empowering staff to execute their own ideas. The company this year observed National Tequila Day with a potluck, margaritas, and an early closure.

    Meanwhile, Protenus challenges employees to work hard but supports them by offering unlimited time off, which employees can take without having to request it. Protenus CEO Nick Culbertson, said employees "have unlimited paid time off because we really trust that our employees are motivated to do what they need to do to solve the problems they need to solve."

    'Family-Friendliest Award' winners

    Among providers and insurers, Loma Linda University Surgical Hospital won Modern Healthcare's Family-Friendliest Award, while the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates won the award for suppliers.

    To support its staff and their families, Loma Linda offers no-cost memberships to the Drayson Center, a fitness center that offers a variety of programming for the whole family, according to Modern Healthcare.

    Betty LeHew, VP of human resources for the  Educational Commission, described the company's culture as "family-style ... where people know each other and care about each other. That is very important to us as an organization, and we are a little more laid back than a fast-paced for-profit culture" (Best Places to Work 2018 gallery, Modern Healthcare, accessed 9/28; Butcher [1], Modern Healthcare, 9/27; Butcher [2], Modern Healthcare, 9/27; Butcher [3], Modern Healthcare, 9/27).

    Want to become a "Best Place to Work"?

    To determine their "Best Places to Work" list, Modern Healthcare collects information from each applicant's leadership team about the company's policies, practices, demographics, and benefits. The publication then surveys the company's staff about eight core areas.

    See below for the Advisory Board's latest research on four of these eight core areas.

    Then, download our cheat sheet for a summary on the methodology and metrics used to calculate Modern Healthcare's list.

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