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September 19, 2018 | The Daily Briefing

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'You have a 100% risk of early-onset Alzheimer's,' 23andMe data told him. It was wrong.

Coca-Cola may launch a cannabis-infused 'wellness beverage.' Is that a good (or legal) idea?

'When, not if': Amazon is moving closer to selling Rx drugs—and 85% of Prime members say they'd buy

Medicare's per-person costs are actually falling. Here's what the health system can learn from it.

The 5 surprising places where superbugs are hiding in your hospital

This Cochrane board member has criticized pharma and psychiatry. Last week, he was expelled in a secret vote.

Inside lawmakers' plan to crack down on 'surprise' medical bills

Around the nation: Nationals assistant general manager auctioning World Series ring to help friend with cancer

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