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August 27, 2018

Weekly review: The 100 'most influential'health care leaders, according to Modern Healthcare

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    The 100 'most influential' health care leaders, according to Modern Healthcare (Monday, Aug. 20)

    Modern Healthcare's "100 Most Influential People in Healthcare" list, which was topped this year by President Trump, also recognizes dozens of hospital and health system executives, industry leaders, and more.

    Nearly 1 in 4 medical students 'almost never' attends class. (They're too busy studying for exams.) (Tuesday, Aug. 21)

    About 25% of second-year medical students last year reported "almost never" attending class during their first two, preclinical years in school—but it's not to slack off: They're making time to study for a grueling exam, Orly Farber writes for STAT News.

    Beyoncé isn't alone: Why so many black US women face potentially fatal pregnancy complications (Wednesday, Aug. 22)

    Singer Beyoncé Knowles-Carter in Vogue's September issue revealed her struggle with a potentially fatal complication during her pregnancy last year—and experts say her story shows how even wealthy, high-status black women in America face disproportionate risks during their pregnancies.

    These 7 heart-healthy factors could cut your risk of dementia, a new study finds (Thursday, Aug. 23)

    Diet, exercise, and smoking status are three of seven heart-healthy factors that may lower a person's risk of developing dementia—but few people score well on those metrics, according to a study published last week in JAMA.

    Meet an ED doctor who can't afford his student loans. (He's far from alone.) (Friday, Aug. 24)

    Some people may imagine that doctors, "with their gigantic salaries, are immune to student debt worries," but doctors increasingly struggle to pay back their "mortgage-size debt"—and that has far-reaching consequences for the health care system, Farzon Nahvi, an ED physician in New York City, writes in a New York Times opinion piece.

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