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August 16, 2018

The 25 highest-paid jobs: See where health care ranks on Glassdoor's 2018 list

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    Physicians have the highest median base salary of any job in the United States, according to an annual list of the "25 Highest Paying Jobs in America" released Tuesday by the employment website Glassdoor.

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    Glassdoor created the list based on salary data reported by employees. To qualify for the list, a position had to have received at least 100 salary reports from U.S.-based employees over the past year. Glassdoor then used an algorithm to determine annual median base pay, controlling for factors such as location and seniority.

    Jobs in the health care and tech sector dominated the top of the list, with health care accounting for the top three jobs.

    According to Amanda Stansell, an economic research analyst for Glassdoor, "The fact that employers are paying top dollar for many tech and health care jobs reinforces how demand for these valuable skill sets continues to outpace the supply of talent with these expertises."

    Sarah Stoddard, a community expert at Glassdoor, said, "Technology and health care are the two industries that are making the greatest impact on the economy. There's a high demand but short supply for those roles, driving up salaries."

    Further, according to Glassdoor, health care jobs are likely to be resistant to automation in the future, as they require a number of "soft" skills such as judgment and empathy along with technical skills.

    The 10 highest-paid jobs

    The 10 highest-paid jobs by median base salary according to Glassdoor are:

    1. Physician ($195,842);
    2. Pharmacy manager ($146,412);
    3. Pharmacist ($127,120);
    4. Enterprise architect ($115,944);
    5. Corporate counsel ($115,580);
    6. Software development manager ($108,879);
    7. Physician assistant ($108,761);
    8. Software engineering manager ($107,479);
    9. Nurse practitioner ($106,962); and
    10. Software architect ($105,329).

    The full list of the 25 top-paying jobs is available on Glassdoor's website (Picchi, CBS News, 8/15; Bloomberg/Fortune, 8/15; Talajkowski, Glassdoor blog, 8/14).

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