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July 9, 2018

Weekly review: The 18 health care CEOs rated highest by employees, according to Glassdoor

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    The 18 health care CEOs rated highest by employees, according to Glassdoor (Monday, July 2)
    All nine of the hospital and health system CEOs on Glassdoor's annual list work at organizations that are Advisory Board members.

    She declined ED treatment—and got a $5,751 bill anyway (Tuesday, July 3)
    When Jessica Pell sought care at an ED after fainting and hitting her head on a table, she declined care from an out-of-network physician because she couldn't "afford any surprise bills." She left with an ice pack and a bandage—then got a $5,751 bill, Sarah Kliff writes for Vox.

    How fast is a healthy, 'brisk' walk? Finally, an answer. (Thursday, July 5)
    Public health officials for years have recommended "brisk" walking for health—but they've defined "brisk" in maddeningly hard-to-follow ways, such as "walk at 70% of your maximum heart rate." Now, researchers have dug into 38 studies to define "brisk" walking in a way that people can actually use: steps per minute.

    How to spot your 'fatal flaw' as a leader—before it's too late (Friday, July 6)
    Executives typically know their greatest strengths, but they may not be so savvy when it comes to identifying their greatest weaknesses. Advisory Board's Craig Pirner provides four ways that organizations can help their leaders address these weaknesses before it's too late.

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