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May 29, 2018

Weekly review: You're using these 5 psychology terms all wrong

Daily Briefing

    Modern Healthcare's 150 'best places to work' in health care (Monday, May 21)
    Modern Healthcare has released its annual list of the 150 "Best Places to Work" in health care for 2018, which features providers, suppliers, and insurers in the health care industry.

    Just how accurate are mail-order DNA tests? It depends: Are you a dog? (Tuesday, May 22)
    The number of people willing to give their genetic data away to private companies like MyHeritage DNA skyrocketed in 2017—and the popularity has triggered debate about how, or whether, that data can legally and ethically be used or interpreted.

    You're using these 5 psychology terms all wrong (Wednesday, May 23)
    "Personality type" doesn't mean what you probably think it means, and when you say "steep learning curve," you likely mean the opposite. 

    The 42 health care companies that made this year's Fortune 500 (Thursday, May 24)
    Fortune last week released its 64th annual ranked list of the 500 companies that generated the most revenue in the previous fiscal year, and seven health care systems—as well as dozens of other companies in the health care industry—earned a spot.

    These 3 CEOs banned smartphones in meetings. Here's how it helped (and how it backfired). (Friday, May 25)
    While smartphones can help workers get their job done anywhere at any time, they can also be incredibly distracting in the workplace—leading some CEOs to ban their presence in meetings, John Simons reports for the Wall Street Journal.

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