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May 24, 2018


ACO roundup: Medicaid expansion would cut uninsured patients' uncompensated care costs by $8B, report finds

Around the nation: Anthem plans to acquire Aspire Health, expanding its reach into palliative care

Is it safe to eat your placenta? CDC says 'no'—but a new study begs to differ

The 42 health care companies that made this year's Fortune 500

How big of a deal is nurse overtime? Even one extra hour is tied to significantly worse collaboration, study finds

Rx drug ads may soon have to disclose their prices. Will that actually lower prices?

Far more young people are entering the hospital for suicide-related reasons. Could shows like '13 Reasons Why' worsen the trend?

After a wild year for health policy, what happened to the uninsured rate?

Congress sends Trump bill to reform Veterans Choice Program

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