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May 21, 2018

Weekly Review: Why your friends kept talking about 'Yanny' vs. 'Laurel'—and what science says

Daily Briefing

    The 55 best health care employers to work for, according to Forbes (Monday, May 14)
    Forbes' 'America's Best Employers' and 'America's Best Midsize Employers' for 2018 rankings feature a combined 55 health care providers, 35 pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, 51 insurers—including several health care insurers—and 25 health care equipment and services companies.

    How to say 'no'—without losing your team (Tuesday, May 15)
    Every leader knows how important it is to engage their team, but improving engagement can be challenging if it feels like your staff is constantly asking for things you can't give them. Advisory Board's Craig Pirner explains how you can respond to these requests in a way that helps engage your team (without promising to deliver things you can't).

    The 458 top hospitals for safety—and the 439 best for patient experience, according to Healthgrades (Wednesday, May 16)
    Healthgrades earlier this month released its annual lists of top hospitals for patient safety and patient experience.

    Why your friends keep talking about 'Yanny' vs. 'Laurel'—and what science says (Thursday, May 17)
    Last week, the internet erupted into a passionate debate: What, exactly, was said in a short, viral audio clip? We're here to help you patch things up: Medical science can (probably) explain why some people are 100% confident they hear "Laurel," while others are equally adamant they hear "Yanny."

    1980: The year that US health care spending 'went kaflooey' (Friday, May 18)
    The United States today allocates more of its economic resources toward health care than any other country, and the country fares far worse on several health outcomes than a number of peer countries—but this wasn't always the case, Austin Frakt writes for the New York Times' "The Upshot." Here's what experts think might explain the divergence.

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