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May 18, 2018 | The Daily Briefing

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Atul Gawande: Here's how Massachusetts made a 'big leap' in helping patients deal with being mortal

1980: The year that US health care spending 'went kaflooey'

In 'surprise' announcement, Trump says he'll nominate Robert Wilkie for VA secretary

Why Brigham and Mount Sinai are bringing the ED to your living room

FDA OKs first non-opioid treatment for managing opioid withdrawal. Here's what providers need to know

'Revolutionary' migraine drug gets FDA approval

Vermont just approved wholesale drug imports from Canada (but one obstacle remains)

Weekend reads: Need more 'Yanny' vs. 'Laurel' in your life? NYT's tool lets you hear both.

Around the nation: Romaine lettuce scare effectively over, health officials say

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