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May 7, 2018

Weekly review: The 5 habits that could help you live 10+ years longer

Daily Briefing

    Your DNA is not your own: How the Golden State Killer hunt reveals the limits of medical privacy (Monday, April 30)
    California investigators recently used a public genetic database to help identify an individual suspected to be one of the state's most infamous serial killers—but legal experts and bioethicists say the move raises privacy and ethical questions as DNA websites grow in popularity.

    The night shift that changed her life: How one nurse became her patients' bridesmaid—and then a renowned burn surgeon (Tuesday, May 1)
    Twenty years ago, Angela Gibson, then a nurse at UW Hospital, found herself caring for patients who had been severely burned in a violent attack—and the experience inspired her to become a surgeon and a researcher searching for a way to preserve more of burn patients' skin, David Wahlberg writes for the Wisconsin State Journal.

    The 5 habits that could help you live 10+ years longer (Wednesday, May 2)
    Men and women who adhere to five lifestyle habits may live more than 10 years longer than those who don't, according to a study published in the journal Circulation—but only 8% of Americans have adopted the potentially life-saving habits.

    Map: The best (and worst) states for nurses, according to WalletHub (Thursday, May 3)
    WalletHub's new analysis, which assesses states on 21 weighted metrics including educational opportunities, salary, and job openings, shows Maine is the best state for nurses—but experts were sharply divided on overall prospects for the nursing field.

    Gawande: Health care is 'a freaking mess' and progress is an 'uphill battle'—but here's how we can do better (Friday, May 4)
    Atul Gawande, a public health researcher and cancer surgeon, in a recent episode of Freakonomics Radio discusses why progress in the medical field can be an "uphill battle" and how simple solutions have the potential to improve health care delivery.

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