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May 4, 2018


Around the nation: Approximately 100 Californians contact norovirus from raw oysters

Comcast wants to bring a health care 'platform' to your TV—and it's hoping Amazon comes along for the ride

How Intermountain shifted 50% of behavioral health patients out of an ED—and cut unnecessary admissions

Gawande: Health care is 'a freaking mess' and progress is an 'uphill battle'—but here's how we can do better

What's driving cancer clinics to close? Cuts to 340B, Medicare Part B, oncologists say

Why British surgeons amputated this 7-year-old's leg and reattached it upside down

Veterans groups are suing to remove the acting VA secretary

The dramatic rise of tick- and mosquito-borne diseases, charted

Weekend reads: Sorry, 'Swedish' meatballs aren't from Sweden

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