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April 30, 2018

Weekly review: Leapfrog grades 2,479 hospitals from 'A' to 'F.' How did yours fare?

Daily Briefing

    How many hours does it take to make a 'close friend?' Maybe more than you think. (Monday, April 23)
    Research has consistently shown having friends is associated with good health and well-being, but a recent study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships shows it can take many hours together to foster a close friendship.

    Leapfrog grades 2,479 hospitals from 'A' to 'F.' How did yours fare? (Tuesday, April 24)
    The Leapfrog Group on Tuesday released its Spring Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grades, giving 750 hospitals an "A"—but giving more than 1,000 a "C" or below.

    How Geisinger, Mount Sinai, Intermountain, and more are building the 'hospitals of the future' (Wednesday, April 25)
    The "hospital of the future" will focus more on serving patients in their homes and communities, Laura Landro reports for the Wall Street Journal—and several top health systems, including Geisinger, Mount Sinai, and Intermountain, are already embracing these trends.

    The cost of delivering a royal baby? Surprisingly cheap—by American standards. (Thursday, April 26)
    Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, last week gave birth to her third child in a "private, luxurious medical facility" that includes a menu of wines and champagne to toast the delivery. So how did the cost of such a royal birth stack up to the cost of the typical birth in America?

    'Carol's not Carol anymore': Inside one couple's devastating, decade-long battle against Alzheimer's (Friday, April 27)
    In a recent episode of "60 Minutes," Jon LaPook shares a decade's worth of interviews documenting the "devastating impact" of Alzheimer's disease on one couple—from diagnosis to long-term care.

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