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March 12, 2018

Weekly review: What to say to your staffer who has one foot out the door

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    What to say to your staffer who has one foot out the door (Monday, March 5)
    It's a safe bet that at least one of your team members is thinking about leaving your organization—or soon will be. Read on to learn the right way to approach these staffers, including three key phrases to get the conversation started.

    Intermountain launches a new hospital—'without a building or walls' (Tuesday, March 6)
    Intermountain Healthcare has launched one of the largest telehealth programs in the United States, called Connect Care Pro, which aims to serve rural and underserved communities while simultaneously reducing costs, according to health system officials.

    'Wake-up call': Opioids may be worse than Tylenol for chronic pain. Here's our take. (Wednesday, March 7)
    Opioid medications are not more effective at relieving certain forms of chronic pain than non-opioid pain medications, according to a new JAMA study—and it's time to critically evaluate whether your current opioid policies are firmly grounded in evidence, write Advisory Board's Rebecca Tyrrell and Gillian Michaelson.

    The top 5 health care systems, according to nearly 300 health executives (Thursday, March 8)
    In a recent survey of 285 hospital leaders conducted by Reaction Data, Kaiser Permanente was named the best at "delivering high quality at sustainable costs," while Mayo Clinic led the pack as a "model for innovation."

    The 21 US health care billionaires, according to Forbes (Friday, March 9)
    Forbes on Tuesday released its 2018 World Billionaires rankings—and 21 of the billionaires categorized as having made their fortune in the health care industry are from the United States.

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