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February 14, 2018

#HealthPolicyValentines: 'Will you be my qualifying life event?' and 9 more

Daily Briefing

    By: Ben Palmer, Staff Writer

    Finding the perfect gift on Valentine's Day can tricky—but for health policy wonks, there's nothing like a memorable #HealthPolicyValentines to warm the heart.

    The funny, and admittedly nerdy, tradition began in 2012 when former HHS staffer Emma Sandoe found herself inspired "to tweet one 'health policy valentine' every day until Valentine's Day." It wasn't long before other health care wonks joined in, filling the Twittersphere with rhymes and poems on everything from insurance waivers to bundled payments to the best way to punctuate the term "health care."

    We've gathered some of the best #HealthPolicyValentines that Twitter has to offer:

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