The 23 best hospitals and health systems for diversity, according to Forbes

Forbes has released its first list of the 250 "Best Employers for Diversity"—and 51 Advisory Board members made the list.

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The top spot was taken by Northern Trust, an investment firm, while the second spot was taken by the Smithsonian Institution, followed by Levy, a restaurant and concession stand manager.


For the list, Forbes and research firm Statista surveyed 30,000 employees in the United States in August 2017, posing questions about age, disability, diversity, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. Greater weight was given to responses from underrepresented ethnic minorities, women, and people older than 50.

Statista also considered the gender split of the management teams and boards of each company, as well as whether the company routinely addressed diversity. In addition, Statista assessed whether there were gaps in diversity perceptions at an organization, downgrading companies in which, for instance, older employees said a company performed poorly on measures of diversity while other employees rated the company highly. Companies eligible for consideration had to have at least 1,000 employees.

Forbes' Leadership Editor Fred Allen said that Forbes is "proud to be releasing its first annual ranking of the best employers for diversity in America," because "diversity has become a business imperative" since it "makes businesses better places and richer in every sense of the word." He added that Forbes hopes the list "will stir discussion of the importance of diversity and inclusion and reinforce employers’ determination to do the best at it they can."

Hospitals, health systems on the list

The 23 hospitals and health systems recognized on the list are:

16. University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics* (Iowa City, Iowa);
19. Carolinas HealthCare System* (Charlotte, North Carolina);
20. Kaiser Permanente* (Oakland, California);
23. Mayo Clinic* (Rochester, Minnesota);
31. Johns Hopkins Medicine* (Baltimore);
35. UCSF Medical Center* (San Francisco);
52. Sharp HealthCare* (San Diego, California);
57. BayCare* (Clearwater, Florida);
58. Lee Memorial Health System* (Myers/Cape Coral, Florida);
79. Cincinnati Children's* (Cincinnati);
83. Novant Health* (Winston-Salem, North Carolina);
129. Providence Health & Services* (Renton, Washington);
138. Baptist Health System* (San Antonio, Texas);
148. Boston Children's Hospital (Boston);
165. Cleveland Clinic* (Cleveland);
177. Covenant Health* (Knoxville, Tennessee);
192. Penn State Health* (Hershey, Pennsylvania);
204. University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center* (Dallas);
208. Yale New Haven Health* (New Haven, Connecticut);
224. Memorial Healthcare System* (Hollywood, Florida);
226. Texas Children's Hospital (Houston);
243. UCHealth* (Fort Collins, Colorado); and
250. MD Anderson Cancer Center* (Houston).

*Denotes Advisory Board member

Other health care honorees

Thirty other Advisory Board members were also named to the Forbes list:

10. AbbVie (North Chicago, Illinois);
24. Grant Thornton International (Chicago);
37. Johnson & Johnson (New Brunswick, New Jersey);
39. Pfizer (New York);
51. Amgen (Thousand Oaks, California);
66. Lockheed Martin (Bethesda, Maryland);
73. JPMorgan Chase (New York);
76. Siemens (District of Columbia);
81. Nestle (Glendale, California);
85. General Electric (Boston);
90. Verizon Communications (Basking Ridge, New Jersey);
93. Boston Scientific (Marlborough, Massachusetts);
109. VMware (Palo Alto, California);
111. Biogen (Cambridge, Massachusetts);
121. Philips Healthcare (Andover, Massachusetts);
128. Lexmark International (Lexington, Kentucky);
133. UnitedHealth Group (Minneapolis);
134. McKesson (San Francisco);
135. Stryker (Kalamazoo, Michigan);
159. Leidos (Reston, Virginia);
163. Medtronic (Minneapolis);
170. Ecolab (St. Paul, Minnesota);
171. Anthem (Indianapolis);
182. Becton Dickinson (Franklin Lakes, New Jersey);
193. AT&T (Dallas, Texas);
199. Novartis (East Hanover, New Jersey);
232. Microsoft (Redmond, Washington);
239. Sanofi Genzyme (Cambridge, Massachusetts);
241. Moss Adams (Seattle); and
244. Roche Holding (South San Francisco).

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