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January 22, 2018

Weekly review: Health systems to launch nonprofit drug company. Here are the details.

Daily Briefing

    The best health care jobs in 2018, according to US News (Tuesday, Jan. 16)
    U.S. News & World Report has released its annual list of the 25 best jobs in health care for 2018, with dentists topping the list, followed by physician assistants and NPs.

    Why you shouldn't hold in your sneeze: A cautionary tale (Wednesday, Jan. 17)
    A 34-year-old, "previously fit" man was hospitalized with a perforated throat after attempting to hold in a sneeze, according to a case report in BMJ Case Reports—and experts say it should serve as a cautionary tale to other sneeze-stiflers.

    Health systems to launch nonprofit drug company. Here are the details. (Thursday, Jan. 18)
    Faced with drug price surges and shortages of vital medicines, some of the biggest hospital systems in the country plan to form a nonprofit company to supply certain generic drugs themselves—and say more health systems will soon join in the effort.

    The govt could shut down at midnight. Here's how that would affect health care. (Friday, Jan. 19)
    As of early Friday, a government shutdown at midnight was looking "likely" amid disagreements over a continuing resolution, Politico reports. Here's what a shutdown could mean for CDC's flu program, NIH patients, CHIP, and more.

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