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December 7, 2017

The Leapfrog Group names its 109 'Top Hospitals'

Daily Briefing

    The Leapfrog Group on Thursday unveiled its 2017 Top Hospitals list, recognizing 109 hospitals for excellence in hospital quality, patient safety, and efficiency.

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    Leapfrog President and CEO Leah Binder in a release said, "The Top Hospital award highlights American hospitals that are providing the highest quality of care to their patients." She added, "We're encouraged to see hospitals across the country and within diverse communities earn this distinction."


    To be recognized, hospitals had to voluntarily complete the Leapfrog Hospital Survey. More than 1,800 hospitals filled out the Leapfrog Hospital Survey by Aug. 31.

    Leapfrog sorted hospitals into one of four categories, with the number of hospitals recognized in each category determined by the proportion of each hospital type represented in the Leapfrog Hospital Survey results. The categories included:

    • Children's hospitals (accounting for 10 recipients);
    • Rural hospitals (accounting for 18 recipients);
    • General hospitals (accounting for 45 recipients); and
    • Teaching hospitals (accounting for 36 recipients), which Leapfrog further sorted into those above 500 staffed beds and those below 500 staffed beds.

    General, teaching, and children's hospitals within each category had to meet several quality criteria, including:

    • Fully meeting Leapfrog's standard for computerized physician order entry;
    • Fully complying with Leapfrog's never events policy;
    • Reporting on all 18 of Leapfrog's performance measures, as well as fully meeting Leapfrog's standards for at least half of applicable measures;
    • Receiving an "A" on Leapfrog's Hospital Safety Grade if eligible to be scored; and
    • Ranking in the top of their peer group on Leapfrog's Value Score, as calculated in the Leapfrog Value-Based Purchasing Platform.

    Leapfrog used the same criteria buckets for evaluating rural hospitals but did not look at ICU physician staffing.

    The Top Hospital award was given to the highest performers in each hospital category. According to Leapfrog, hospitals in New Jersey, California, Florida, and Massachusetts "had strong showings" this year. Each state had at least 10 hospitals receive the award (Leapfrog release, 12/7; Leapfrog Top Hospitals methodology, accessed 12/7).

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