November 27, 2017

Weekly review: A nurse said she rushed to aid this dying WWII vet. A hidden camera tells another story.

Daily Briefing

    Why blueberries aren't really a 'superfood'—and nothing else is, either (Monday, Nov. 20)
    Amid all the holiday parties, you're probably looking for ways to optimize your nutritional intake, perhaps turning your fork toward nutrient-rich foods, like grandma's blueberry pie. After all, blueberries are a "superfood," so you're making a healthy choice, right?

    News outlets report 'first marijuana overdose death.' Doctors say: Not so fast. (Monday, Nov. 20)
    Amid headlines about the "first marijuana overdose death," doctors who authored a case report on the first death "associated with" cannabis are urging the public not to jump to the conclusion that marijuana killed the affected 11-month-old boy.

    A nurse said she rushed to aid this dying WWII vet. A hidden camera tells another story. (Tuesday, Nov. 21)
    James Dempsey, an 89-year-old World War II veteran, died in a nursing home after staff appeared to laugh while ignoring his cries for help, according to recently released footage from a hidden camera.

    Is health care's 'retail revolution' here? Depends what you mean. (Tuesday, Nov. 21)
    Consumers have more choices than ever about where to seek care, but experts say a true "retail revolution," in which patients regularly shop around for the best prices, has yet to reach the health care industry. The Daily Briefing spoke with stakeholders to learn about the obstacles holding the industry back.

    It's Thanksgiving. Stop 'moralizing' your food, one doctor argues. (Wednesday, Nov. 22)
    Writing for the New York Times' "The Upshot," Aaron Carroll, a physician and professor of pediatrics at the University of Indiana, describes how after many failed diets, he finally lost weight—and "reclaimed" the joy of Thanksgiving—by learning to stop moralizing food.

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