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November 20, 2017

Weekly review: Nearly 50% of US adults have high blood pressure under new guidelines. Here's what you need to know.

Daily Briefing

    Trump names HHS secretary nominee, Alex Azar (Monday, Nov. 13)
    President Trump will nominate Alex Azar, a former pharmaceutical industry executive who also served as an HHS official under former President George W. Bush, to be the nation's new HHS secretary.

    Nearly 50% of US adults have high blood pressure under new guidelines: What you need to know  (Tuesday, Nov. 14)
    The report authors say the updated guidelines are intended to encourage people to begin managing their blood pressure sooner, before complications occur.

    How to stop spamming your employees (Wednesday, Nov. 15)
    The average employee receives 88 work emails per day, making it difficult for staff to spot which information is truly important. Advisory Board's Kate Vonderhaar shares one key tactic to help leaders use email wisely.

    This new map raises an old question: Is there a physician shortage? (Thursday, Nov. 16)
    Amid new data on the states with the most and least practicing doctors by population, Advisory Board's Michele Molden and Hamza Hasan weigh in on whether there's a physician shortage and what top providers are doing to ensure patients have sufficient access to care.

    The doctors most likely to hear, 'We'll see you in court' (Friday, Nov. 17)
    Medscape's Malpractice Report 2017 shows more than half of provider respondents have been sued for malpractice—but the likelihood of facing a legal challenge varies significantly by specialty.

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