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November 13, 2017

Weekly review: Last week's elections will expand Medicaid to 80K Americans

Daily Briefing

    The '$12M teenager' was blamed for Iowa's exchange woes. Here's his story. (Monday, Nov. 6)

    When an insurance executive cited a teenager's $12 million annual health care costs to explain rising premiums in Iowa's exchange market, the teen's story became a political flashpoint—leaving his family devastated and sparking a debate about how state and federal policies contributed to rising premiums, Jonathan Cohn writes for the Huffington Post.

    She was already pregnant with another couple's child. Then she got pregnant again. (Tuesday, Nov. 7)

    In a rare medical event, a California woman became pregnant with her own child during a surrogate pregnancy—and only found out the second child was hers weeks after both children had been given to the surrogate child's parents.

    Last week's elections will expand Medicaid to 80K Americans (Wednesday, Nov. 8)

    The Daily Briefing editorial team has been tracking each state's position on the Medicaid expansion via our interactive map. See where things stand in each state after Maine on Tuesday became the latest state to expand the program under the ACA.

    There's no safe level of drinking when it comes to cancer risk, oncologists warn (Thursday, Nov. 9)

    The American Society of Clinical Oncology on Tuesday issued a statement highlighting the connection between even moderate alcohol consumption and relative risk of cancer.

    Duke Health CEO's advice for young leaders: Take more risks (Friday, Nov. 10)

    In this edition of "Lessons from the C-Suite," Dr. Eugene Washington, Chancellor for Health Affairs at Duke University and President and CEO of Duke University Health System, talks to Advisory Board's Eric Larsen about why he sees population health improvement as the system's "ultimate goal," his thoughts on the future of AMCs, and his phone-free approach to unwinding.

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